Ghost Writing

Posted by wcc_admin on November 15, 2018

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If you are expecting a horror or a thrilling story, this article is not about that. I am going to talk about the concept of Ghost Writing.   As per definition, Ghost Writing is nothing but writing for a different author. The work gets published in the name of usually the more famous author. However, all the research, the writing, and the editing are done by someone else who is called a ghostwriter. Since his

Fashion For The Festive Season

Posted by wcc_admin on October 22, 2018

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Dressing up – Expensive OR medium range with a great fit! Before you read further, ask yourself this question and answer honestly. After all, honesty is the best policy and when it comes to dressing, we are what we wear. What category would you fit yourself into when it comes to dressing up? A. One who dresses up for the occasion? B. One who really does not care about appearances? What you chose maybe the

Creating User Manuals and Help Files for Mobile Apps

Posted by wcc_admin on September 7, 2018

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Have you ever wondered or given a thought to a user manual for a mobile app? How would you expect the manual to be? Here’s a look at the various aspects that I think are relevant in creating such a user manual. Ways to access Or in other words, how will the user consume this document? Whether on a mobile device itself or on a separate device, maybe a tablet or a laptop? It is
Software architecture is analogous to a building architecture Just like the building architecture creates blueprints and provides technical details of each component of the structure, the software architecture also creates blueprints of the so-called working model of the application or system. Similar to the architectural decisions about building structures such as the type of stone or bricks to be used, how many floors will the building be, what are the dimensions of doors and windows, the
If you clicked the link and are reading this, your retina has been scanned; your current mood and brain activity has been recorded and catalogued for today. The insight obtained upon big data analytics indicates a strong inclination towards reading the entire article to check out what Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data really are about and why the analytics really matters to every one of us. Well, the above is not entirely true.
If you own or manage a business, irrespective of its size, you need a web presence i.e. a website with your own unique URL. This website becomes your identity and becomes the most important channel to communicate with your customers. A quick word of caution here, merely having a dedicated page for your name will not give you the ROI expected. Most likely, it will get you nowhere. The website must have relevant content or