Ghost Writing

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If you are expecting a horror or a thrilling story, this article is not about that. I am going to talk about the concept of Ghost Writing.   As per definition, Ghost Writing is nothing but writing for a different author. The work gets published in the name of usually the more famous author. However, […]

Software architecture is analogous to a building architecture

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Software architecture is analogous to a building architecture Just like the building architecture creates blueprints and provides technical details of each component of the structure, the software architecture also creates blueprints of the so-called working model of the application or system. Similar to the architectural decisions about building structures such as the type of stone or […]

Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics and the connection with Learning and Development (L&D)

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If you clicked the link and are reading this, your retina has been scanned; your current mood and brain activity has been recorded and catalogued for today. The insight obtained upon big data analytics indicates a strong inclination towards reading the entire article to check out what Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data really […]