Fashion For The Festive Season

Dressing up – Expensive OR medium range with a great fit!

Before you read further, ask yourself this question and answer honestly. After all, honesty is the best policy and when it comes to dressing, we are what we wear.

What category would you fit yourself into when it comes to dressing up?

A. One who dresses up for the occasion?
B. One who really does not care about appearances?

What you chose maybe the key to finding your inner inspiration.

It is a common misconception that expensive clothes are always the best. The use of rare or expensive raw material makes the cost of these higher. They also are sometimes associated with a known brand name due to which they come at a premium price.

But the secret is in the fitting.

Clothing for both men and women that comes in a medium price range can also be a great fit and bring out the best look in you. So the next time you are out to get that shirt or the trouser, look for a good fit. Understand which brand gives you comfort. Sometimes it can be a specific designer or a tailor that really understands what colours and what type of clothing would look good on you. Again, this can be easy on your pocket too while making a style statement of its own.

This is where we would like to shed some light on a popular myth.

“The expensive the dress, the better you look.”

No doubt, the material and the quality of the fabric can make a difference. But this does not necessarily mean that affordable (and we do not mean cheap) clothes are not up to the mark. These can also be well cut to make you look classy.

We suggest you give it a try. Get an appointment with a local studio and get yourself measured up. Ask them to show you a few designs and drawings and recommend how you would look in those. Picture yourself in their designs. Trust us on this… it will not cost you a liver or a kidney equivalent of money and you can still make heads turn at the cousins wedding or at the office party.

Another important factor is the confidence that you show. How well you can carry it makes all the difference in the world.

Keep in mind that the dress you wear is designed to bring out your positive points. And see the bounce in your stride and the confidence in your step as you get ready to rock the party.

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